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What is Lân fan taal.

Lân fan taal (land of languages) is a collaboration between the many institutions in Friesland which deal with literature, minority languages and multilingualism. Together they are united in the Language Alliance.

In 2018 Lân fan taal was an extensive programme with activities, shows, artworks, exhibitions and spatial installations in Leeuwarden and Friesland. The starting point was simple: all languages are equal and language is without borders. Organisations, language professionals and visitors were invited to participate. Invited to let languages live, to play with language and to express themselves. The permanent result of Lân fan taal is the Obe language pavilion located by the Oldehoofsterkerkhof in Leeuwarden. This candidature for the City of Literature designation also represents an excellent next step for existing co-operation between projects and activities.

LF2018 activities can still be viewed via our archive.