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Zinspinsels vocabulary development illustration.

Well-known children’s bookmaker Charlotte Dematons drew the vocabulary development illustration ‘Zinspinsels’ for the Frisian libraries and Lân fan taal. The illustration shows what language is all about using some text but mainly images. The Frisian libraries will take the vocabulary development illustration in poster form to more than 56,000 primary school pupils in Friesland in autumn 2018.

The libraries want to emphasise that language can be fun, and is not only about formal aspects, which is why they developed Zinspinsels in close cooperation with Lân fan taal. The vocabulary development illustration shows that you can express yourself and who you are with language.

There are lots of things going on in the picture, as in all Dematons’ work, such as a gnome stealing letters. There are big and small assignments on the back, which invite children to play with language with their teachers and parents. The vocabulary development illustration will be taken by the libraries’ reading specialists to all primary schools in the province. Schools participating in the ‘Bibliotheek op school’ [Library at school] project will also receive an introductory lesson. Zinspinsels can be used in the classroom or taken home.