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Youth performance for schools.

Jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla. Grossiga m’pfa habla horem. This is not Spanish or Afrikaans. It is the first two lines of a 100-year-old sound poem by the Dadaist Hugo Ball. Hugo and other Dada poets wrote this “sound of unlogic” to help the world see things differently. Because words without meaning can actually mean a lot.

Karel likes to things to be clear and in their proper order. And then he encounters an unusual group. “Kin ik hjir de jas útdwaan?”, asks Karel. But the three don’t answer him. They call him Babel and take him with them to a world where everything is language. Just when he begins to get used to this, one of the three suddenly disappears. Will she come back? How can we reach her if we don’t know her language?

As an audience, you join Babel on his adventure, because music, dance and poetry rule the game here!

School/youth performance for children from 10 years.

Karawane is produced by Tamara Schoppert (concept and direction), Karel Hermans (performance), Peter Sijbenga (music) Laila el Bazi (dance), Tatiana Matveeva (dance), Miek Uittenhout (design)

In Friesian theaters

From 9 March (premiere) until 26 April 2018
Second period of playing starts at the beginning of 2019


Campaign image: Jelle Post