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Yiddish Waves.

Bolleboos, gabber, mesjogge or kapsones: the Dutch language is full of Yiddish words. This is not surprising, because Yiddish culture is very much at home among other cultures. And that’s why this year, the theme of the Yiddish Waves festival is “Heymishkeyt”, Yiddish for “feeling at home”. This multicultural festival, where everyone is welcome, will take place in Leeuwarden from 1-4 March 2018. There’s a packed programme of activities related to Yiddish culture and our multicultural society.

Yiddish is the language of Jewish people from across Europe and beyond, a language without a country, but with a very interesting history. The language consists of German, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hebrew words. We use many Yiddish words every day, often without being aware that they are of Yiddish origin.

In Yiddish culture, hospitality is very important. It’s a culture of learning, meeting and connecting. With its sensuous programme of music, language & literature, tours, film and great workshops, Yiddish Waves shares the typical Yiddish feeling of community, the solidarity, warmth and humour.

The musical programme brings together major artists from various cultures who all speak the same language – Yiddish. Enjoy Alpen Klezmer, Yiddish with an Eastern flavour, a Yiddish encounter with the Mediterranean and very special concerts in Yiddish with Russian and Arabic music.

Yiddishland in Lân fan taal
There are more than 15 great workshops, lectures and talk shows in Tresoar for everyone who would like to know more about the Yiddish language. Some highlights from the programme: Yiddish for goochemerds & schlemiels, a musical road show by the Yivo archive, singing workshop Sing Yiddish with me, tour of the Fuks collection, Shmueskrays (chat club), a Yiddish storyteller and a Children’s Klezmer workshop. See the whole programme at Yiddishwaves.nl.


On and around the Oldehoofsterkerkhof and Prinsentuin and around the Jewish Quarter in Leeuwarden.

1-4 March 2018

Tresoar, Slieker Film, Fryske Akademy and various European Yiddish institutions and summer schools.