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Treasure trove of the Frisian culture.

“Ssshh…! In Tresoar, time whispers.” For those who like to see and to listen, Tresoar is a grindstone for thoughts, a source of inspiration, and a memory machine running at full speed with voices of the present and past in documents, films, photos and books. It’s “the place to be” for all those interested in culture and literature.

This modern repository and treasure trove of Frisian history is essentially a place for reflection, concentration, knowledge and study. During 2018, you can learn about the rich culture of Friesland from a European perspective, from medieval texts in the basement and unique exhibitions to historical and new film projects!

On the 1st floor:

Historic Travel Agency
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Visual poetry
Tresoar embarks on a seductive expedition to an idiosyncratic linguistic land, where experimental poets regularly venture beyond borders. You can enjoy poetry exhibitions with a Frisian and international character throughout the year in the study room. These include the “poetry boosters”: large, moving poetry installations that make language dance before your eyes.

Treasure wall
Tresoar will highlight previously undiscovered Frisian treasures on a wall of LED screens. The modern display of the treasure trove of Friesland includes images of subjects including the game of “kaats” and the “wad” (mudflats). Curious? You can find out more about all these subjects in the Tresoar library and depot.

Histobios in Tresoar
In the Histobios, a small cinema in the Tresoar study hall, you can immerse yourself in an ongoing presentation of Frisian film history every day. Films from Frisian pioneers from the collection of the Fries Film Archief (Frisian Film Archive), amateur films from all over the province and programmes and documentaries from the archive of Omrop Fryslân.

Piter Jelles Troelstra exhibition
This exhibition tells the story of the famous revolutionary and his relationship with (the Frisian) language. Because Piter Jelles Troelstra was not just a politician, but also a poet, writer and journalist. You can read more about his life, work and family in the exhibition. Frisian voices bring his poems to life in the “sound shower”.

On the 2st floor:

Documentary: “Yn dit lânskip leit myn libben”
Film makers Halbe Piter Claus and Ismaël Lotz’s task was clear: to make a film about Frisian literature, but with a contemporary twist. The result: “Yn dit lânskip leit myn libben” (translated: my life is here in this landscape). In this documentary, the Frisian writers Hylke Speerstra and Hilda Talsma and cultural critic Huub Mous draw you into their world. They talk about their literary inspirations and their connection with the Frisian language and the Frisian landscape. The film lasts half an hour, and can be seen throughout the day in the Gysbert Japicx room.

Printkeunst (Graphic Art)
Book artists, graphic artists and printers from seven countries were challenged to demonstrate their skills in this very special international exhibition. The result is a wide variety of book works created using numerous printing techniques, from lithography to stencil printing. The artworks can be seen throughout the year in the gallery of the study room at Tresoar and in Museum Joure.

In the basement:

Exhibition: Highlights in the basement
The Tresoar storage depots are full of unusual and remarkable treasures. In 2018, the highlights of the collection will be exhibited in the large basement depot. These include Rembrandt’s marriage certificate, the oldest written book from Friesland, and a beautiful manuscript map of De Slachte.

Other activities:

Exhibition: Latin in the Franeker University Library
René Descartes, Anna Maria van Schurman, Maria Sybilla Merian: many illustrious names have studied or worked at Franeker! The Latin language occupied an important and unifying role in this respect. In partnership with Museum Martena, and located in the museum, Tresoar will organise an exhibition about the role of Latin at Franeker University.

“Kofje spesjaal” & lunch lectures
Every Friday, you can learn more about items from the Tresoar collection while enjoying a “kofje spesjaal”. Curators will show their favourite piece and talk about it, and you may even be able to touch it. Countless interesting speakers will also visit during the weekly lunch lectures in 2018, which take place every Thursday afternoon at 12.30 p.m. You can find current information at Tresoar.frl.

“Salang’t de beam bloeit”: Frisian literature handbook
It’s time for a new, accessible Frisian literature history! With a handy guidebook, Joke Corporaal shows Frisian literary history in a new light (in Frisian, Dutch, English and German) for the upper years of secondary education, HBO (higher vocational education) students and other interested parties. There is also a special website with background information and extensive teaching materials.

Oare wurden / Other wurds
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Tresoar, Boterhoek 1, Leeuwarden
Free entrance

Opening hours
January-December 2018
– Monday to Friday 09.00-22.00
– Saturday/Sunday 11.00-18.00

Tresoar, Province of Friesland, KH2018, Fries Film Archief