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The Sea! The Sea!.

In 2018, Lân fan taal will travel throughout Friesland with the Language Caravan, a travelling festival. In Harlingen, the caravan will join the Tall Ships Races. Programme element The Sea! The Sea! is an ode to the sea, which has its own language.

The sea whispers, calls, implores. As fickle as it is, it shows us its wrath one minute, before soothing us in its arms the next. We stand on the quay and listen to it, we fear and admire it, and whatever it says: we understand it. Regardless of our origin, age or belief: human beings understand the noises of the sea.

Ode to the sea
The universal language of the sea is captured in The Sea! The Sea!, a programme element of the Language Caravan, the travelling festival of Lân fan taal. The caravan will visit locations such as Harlingen, where it will offer an ode to the sea during the Tall Ships Races. Just as the smell of salt water, we are everywhere: we whisper, call and implore. Our poets will wander among the public and will treat people to unexpected moments of poetry. The Tall Ships will play an important role: they will form the backdrop for old and new stories. And these are not just stories from well-known authors and lovers of the sea such as Slauerhoff and Hemingway, but also those of a new generation of writers. They will continue the ode to the sea and write stories aboard the ships. Because after all, the sea is not just an important part of our past, but also of our future.

Ancient source
Throughout the duration of the Language Caravan, the sea will be a source of inspiration for new work and experiment. The Sea! The Sea! will also take place when the Language Caravan visits Dokkum (during the Admiralty Days).

Where & when
Tall Ships Races Harlingen, 3-6 August 2018
Admiralty Days Dokkum, 6-8 September 2018

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