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Poetry Circle 058.

Poetry Circle is a national platform for writing performers and performing writers. Leeuwarden has had its own Circle since 2016, with pop podium Neushoorn as its base. This is also the place where the annual national Poetry Circle Manifestation will be taking place on Saturday 7 July. Visitors can enjoy performances and shows by no less than fifty writers and performers from all over the country, both young and experienced. The programme is as broad as language itself.

Come in the early evening and listen to the youngest generation of poets who will be giving performances in the building’s most unlikely places. End the evening with a visit to Babs’ Word Salon, a musical spoken word show where musicians, writers, singer-songwriters and other language artists will celebrate written, spoken and sung word art together. Guests at the Word Salon include SMIB, Josephine Zwaan, Tsead Bruinja and Dorothy Blokland.

Saturday 7 July from 19:30 (doors open: 19:00)
Location: Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
Free entrance
Follow the Facebook event for updates on the line-up

About Poetry Circle
Poetry Circle creates performances and shows for theatres, festivals, living rooms, tree houses and other places. The various Circles are housed in NOWHERE (Amsterdam), WORM (Rotterdam), De NWE Vorst & Tilt (Tilburg), Dynamo (Eindhoven) and Neushoorn (Leeuwarden). The Poetry Circle Manifestation in Neushoorn is the sixth edition of this nomadic word art festival. It is supported by Explore the North, Lân fan taal, and the Cultural Participation Fund (Fonds voor de Cultuurparticipatie).

A flashback to 2017:

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Performances throughout 2018 and national event on the 7th of July 2018

Neushoorn, Leeuwarden

Poetry Circle/Stichting Nowhere Amsterdam, Jimmy’s Leeuwarden, Poetry Slam Leeuwarden, Leeuwarder Collectief and Neushoorn