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Of course, there’s also a place for mienskip (community) projects during Lân fan taal! The province of Friesland is operating a special LFT subsidy scheme during 2017. 7 larger and 6 smaller projects have already been awarded financial support during the first round. They are all cultural activities with a public focus and special attention for multilingualism.

* Update: In the meantime the subsidy has been closed and the assessment is taking place. In January our website will be updated with the projects of the 2nd tender. Due to a large number of applications for the 3rd tender, we expect to present the rest of the mienskip projects here later in 2018.

Large projects

Printing, an artistic way of intercultural communication (printed art) / January. 2018
By: Fries Grafisch Museum and De Hynsteblom marginal printers
In this exchange project, all participating printers will create an individual, artistic print using the technique invented by Gutenberg in the 15th century. The results will be beautifully bundled and exhibited at Tresoar in Leeuwarden and in Museum Joure. website

CRASH (video animation, installation) / 15 April-15 May 2018
By: Bram de Goeij
In this video animation, words in various languages collide with one another, fall apart and form new words. The animation will be installed in the Oldehove parking garage in Leeuwarden as a projection on the wall, floor and ceiling, with accompanying audio. The animation cycle takes about 10 minutes, with a “crash” between words every 30 seconds.

Marsman de Vries (light installation) / 15 November -31 December 2018
By: Stichting Yana
In this light installation on the Zaailand in Leeuwarden, the passer-by determines what he or she sees. His or her silhouette reveals the text as a shadow of language. By moving back and forth, or working together with others, you can reveal an entire poem: a Frisian translation of Marsman’s “Herinneringen aan Holland” (Memories of Holland).

Dichter op de Deel (Poet in the Barn) / Sunday 10 September 2017
By: Kunstvereniging Kunst achter Dijken (Art behind Dikes Art Association)
Every two years, the poetry festival “Dichter op de Deel” takes place in the Frisian village of Exmorra. It is one of the most successful poetry events in Friesland. The sixth edition focuses on variety, connections and delivery. The Frisian language is an important connecting factor, with variety being the defining feature of the programming. For example, the Iraqi Rodaan Al Galidi will share the stage with eight-year-old Aggie van der Meer from Bolsward. 23-year-old Obe Alkema and the young Belgian Charlotte van de Broeck – an exponent of a modern style of delivery – will perform next to the renowned, P.C. Hooft laureate, Tonnus Oosterhof.

Children’s performance “Bisteboel” (theatre)/ From September 2017
By: Stichting Muzikale Kinderproducties (Musical Children’s Productions Foundation)
A Frisian-Dutch children’s performance full of educational moments and beautiful songs. Interactive elements will make an entertaining contribution to the story. The story focuses on the experiences of a stubborn girl who wants to discover the world. The girl is a native Frisian speaker, but she finds the Frisian language primitive and outdated. Her opinion changes during her journey, and she begins to appreciate the language and culture of Friesland more and more. The piece will be performed from September 2017 in De Bres Theatre (Leeuwarden), De Koornbeurs Theatre (Franeker), in various primary schools in Leeuwarden via Kunstkade, in OPUS 3 Centre for music (Dokkum), the Sterrekijker Art and Culture Programme (various schools, municipality of Franekeradeel) and at the Pleats Cultural Commission (Burgum). www.smkp.nl

The language of the heart (village spectacle) / 3x in October 2018
By: Plaatselijk Belang “Eensgezindheid” (Local Interest “Unity”)
In the autumn of 2018, during Tsjerkepaad, Ter Idzard will play host to a multidisciplinary art project on freedom and language: De tael van et hatte (The language of the heart). The project is based around a party in the historical setting of 1579. We celebrate the homecoming of the Stellingwerf pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostella. Stellingwerf is in a state of chaos following the signing of the Union of Utrecht by Van Idzarda. What do the Free Frisian States mean for the people of Stellingwerf and their language? The route in Ter Idzard is lined with light objects and projections with multilingual texts about freedom, while in the church there is an exhibition with photos and stories from villagers about freedom and identity in their own language: the language of the heart. Songs about the struggle for freedom from Stellingwerf and the Basque Country will also feature. This project is also part of the LF2018 project Under de Toer.

Mata Hari was here (community art) / now until July 2018
By: Stichting Spoonk
Mata Hari was an icon of adventure, the exotic, transcending borders and celebrating life. In this project, this icon is used symbolically to invite people to express their talents, to discover the exotic in themselves, and to help others to enjoy it. It is a theatre project intended to connect diverse cultures in an unimposing, festive manner. In Bilgaard alone, 103 different cultures live side by side, and countless languages are spoken – including Liwwadders! Communication plays an important role, but not just verbal communication. In this project, we also communicate by knitting, dancing and eating together, by showing things to each other, and by listening to each other. The project consists of three parts: the preliminary stage in three neighbourhoods (Bilgaard, Achter de Hoven and Oranjewijk) from March-May 2017, then the first performance “Not the Mata Hari Show” from June-December 2017 in Zalen Schaaf and finally the second performance “Mata Hari in the forest” in the Leeuwarder bos (forest of Leeuwarden) from January-July 2018. www.spoonk.com

Small projects

Moarn gean ik dea (poetry to music) / 23 and 30 April. 2017 (already taken place)
By: Arnold de Boer
An afternoon of Frisian music and poetry in the form of an album presentation of “Moarn gean ik dea” on 23 April in the Lutheran church in Leeuwarden. In partnership with Meindert Talma, Tsead Bruinja, Peter Sijbenga. The event was repeated on 30 April 2017 in Amsterdam.

Fan van Friesland (poetry) / December. 17
By: Henk Veenstra
Multilingual poetry from and about Friesland on this website.

Wat foarôf gie (painting) / on tour throughout 2018
By: S. Iedema and L. Harms
“Wat foarôf gie” is a collection of artworks in a variety of disciplines: visual art, prose and photography. The exhibition will go on tour throughout Friesland and can be seen as a multimedia presentation in Tresoar, Leeuwarden.

Balk Poetry Afternoon (poetry) / February 2018
By: Stichting Podium Gorter
At Podium Gorter in Balk, poets will perform in various languages: Dutch, Frisian and Hylpes. With music by Johannes Seunnenga. Website

Skrieve in ut Stadfries (symposium) / 6 October 2018
By: Taalburo Popkema
A symposium with workshops focused on writing in the Stadfries language, including a competition to translate the fairy tales of the brothers Grimm into Stadfries. The publication of “Sprokies fan Grimm in ut Stadfries” will be launched at the end of 2018.

Fabels met Kleurkrijt (Fables with Coloured Chalk, poetry to music) / dates t.b.a.
By: Jankobus Seunnenga
In 2018, various musical performances will take place with the 15 poems from Simon Vestdijk’s bundle “Fabels met Kleurkrijt” (Fables with Coloured Chalk), which have been set to music for the occasion.