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Community Projects: Visual art.

Within Lân fan taal is of course a place for ‘mienskip’ (means community) projects! Below are the projects that are supported by the special LFT subsidy scheme and are related to ‘visual art’. They are all public-oriented cultural activities with special attention to multilingualism.

Mooie Plaatsys (photo & story exhibition)
By: Baukje Venema & Gitte Brugman
1 June 2017 – 31 Dec 2018

In 2018, the municipality of Het Bildt will merge with others to form a new municipality with the name De Waadhoeke. The Mooie Plaatsys project, by photographer Baukje Venema and photo journalist Gitte Brugman, investigates the identity of the “Bilkerts” (natives of Het Bildt) and their connection to the region. How do Bilkerts feel connected to Het Bildt, their own language and culture, and the landscape? The Bilkerts’ stories will be recorded in a book to be printed in a limited edition: 513 copies, to be exact. Het Bildt was formed in 1505 and will disappear in 2018. It has therefore existed for exactly 513 years. This book will include fifteen portraits of Bilkerts and of personally-chosen locations in the landscape, as well as interviews. Interestingly, Baukje Venema took the photos using a nineteenth-century analogue camera. In May 2018, Mooie Plaatsys will be part of the village reunion in Ouwe Syl, and the festivities in September in Westhoek Búttendyks. During these events, they will take photos of visitors in their mobile studio.

(sound art exhibition)
By: Stichting Kunstkring Gaasterland
15 August – 15 October 2018

The old Rijsterbos forest, with its rolling landscapes and oak avenues planted in baroque style, will form the backdrop for LÛD, a unique sound art exhibition taking place in the late summer of 2018. Fifteen visual artists from the Netherlands and abroad will use sound to create a palette of colours, dreams and panoramas. They will take you on a journey through the forest, which will sound as it has never done before. With this exhibition, Kunstkring Gaasterland wishes to highlight the enormous diversity within the world of sound art. Some artists were invited due to the linguistic, narrative aspect of their work, while others were selected due to anthropological or social aspects, their affinity with nature or their preference for more experimental sounds. The exhibition can be visited free of charge.


By: Fries Grafisch Museum and De Hynsteblom marginal printers
Museum Joure: 8 January – 9 September 2018
Tresoar: 8 January – 31 December 2018
In this exchange project, all participating printers will create an individual, artistic print using the technique invented by Gutenberg in the 15th century. The results will be beautifully bundled and exhibited at Tresoar in Leeuwarden and in Museum Joure.

(video animation, installation)
By: Bram de Goeij
15 April-15 May 2018

In this video animation, words in various languages collide with one another, fall apart and form new words. The animation will be installed in the Oldehove parking garage in Leeuwarden as a projection on the wall, floor and ceiling, with accompanying audio. The animation cycle takes about 10 minutes, with a “crash” between words every 30 seconds.

Marsman de Vries
(light installation)
By: Stichting Yana
15 November -31 December 2018

In this light installation on the Zaailand in Leeuwarden, the passer-by determines what he or she sees. His or her silhouette reveals the text as a shadow of language. By moving back and forth, or working together with others, you can reveal an entire poem: a Frisian translation of Marsman’s “Herinneringen aan Holland” (Memories of Holland).

Wat foarôf gie
By: S. Iedema and L. Harms
on tour throughout 2018

“Wat foarôf gie” is a collection of artworks in a variety of disciplines: visual art, prose and photography. The exhibition will go on tour throughout Friesland and can be seen as a multimedia presentation in Tresoar, Leeuwarden.