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Meeuw Young Writers.

Do you enjoy writing for the stage? And do you also enjoy taking to the stage (with others) to present your own poetry, story or performance? Good news: you can now take lessons from the best!

Meeuw Young Writers is a brand-new initiative from Meeuw Young Theatre Makers, in collaboration with Lân fan taal, for young people from the ages of 12 to 18. You will write with the guidance of professional writers. Based on the material produced here, you will work together to create large and small theatre performances, which can be seen throughout 2018 at various Lân fan taal festivals.

The first series of lessons will start after the summer of 2017. The poet and performer Yentl van Stokkum (1991) teaches poetry writing and visual texts, while the young scriptwriter Wessel de Vries (1994) will cover monologues and dialogues.

At Meeuw Young Theatre Makers, Oostersingel 70b, Leeuwarden
For more information and to sign up, keep an eye on the Meeuw website

Lessons starting September 2017, performances throughout 2018

Meeuw Young Theatre Makers and Explore the North