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Life-sized projections Oldehove.

The Oldehove was too skewed and too unfinished to be a status symbol for Leeuwarden. However, for Lân van taal, the tower – often the subject of story and song – is in fact a perfect, stubborn icon. It’s also the ideal background for four video artworks created by various, unexpected combinations of (language) artists!

From the opening weekend of Leeuwarden-Fryslân, European Capital of Culture, a different large-scale video work can be seen projected on the Oldehove every three months throughout 2018. Each projection is created by a trio, each of which includes an artist working with language (such as a poet, rapper, writer or spoken word performer) and a filmmaker/video artist.

Artists who participate are:

  • Projection # 1 (1 Feb – 8 Apr): poet Tsead Bruinja, singer Herman van Veen and video artist Jules van Hulst
  • Projection # 2 (12 apr to 22 July): filmmaker/musician René Duursma, writer/poet Rodaan Al Galidi and animator Antonia Rehnen
  • Projection # 3 (27 July to 30 September): singer/poet Nynke Laverman, composer/percussionist Sytze Pruiksma and video artist Douwe Dijkstra
  • Projection # 4 (5 Oct-25 Nov): VANTA, the music and spoken-word colective of Vernon Chatlein (composer/percussionist), Amber Nijman (Afro-Caribbean singer) and Juan-Carlos Goilo (spoken word artist/theater maker), video artists from WERC collective and another surprise artist.

Enjoy language (together with many others) in stunning, unexpected shapes and sounds. The projections are free for everyone to see!

Oldehoofsterkerkhof, Leeuwarden

Premiere dates: Friday 2 February, 13 April, 27 July en 5 October
Always visible on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday:
– in February at 20.00
– in March at 21.00
– in April at 22.00
– May/June/July/Augustus at 22.45
– in September at 21.30, last weekend 21.45
– in Oktober and November at 20.00

On the following dates the projection can’t be screened because of other activities or national holidays: 26, 27 and 28 April / 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 and 13 May / 20 and 21 July / 9, 10, 11 en 12 August / 6, 21 September