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Our language and our city, both are well known to us. We know the words, sentences and questions, and we know the streets, the sounds, the crowds and the people. Or do we? Join us on the ‘Taaltoer’ / Language Tour. Discover that language does not speak for itself, and that it has some odd features.

During the Language Tour, you can visit places you have never been before, or places you thought you knew. Together we explore the subterranean passages of (street) language and the city. Our guide will lead you to a variety of places with their own language: what do the echoes in the basement of the Blokhuispoort tell us? And what about those chats while sitting in the hairdresser’s chair? What can you hear in the meeting room of the municipality, in the kitchen of the Chinese restaurant around the corner, or even just in the school yard?

The Language Tour takes you on a journey: you can discover a new language phenomenon every time. You’ll meet various poets, artists, scientists and the residents of Leeuwarden. Everyone can play with language.

For everyone from 12 years and up. Up to 20 participants per Language Tour. Wheelchair access depending on the programme.

The programme is made together with Explore the North. Stay informed on the topics of the Language Tours by following this Facebook Event, and feel free to invite your friends.

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