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Language billboards by children.

From the end of 2017, billboards written and designed by children will appear in Leeuwarden. They are the result of “Taal yn Byld”, a project by NHL University of Applied Sciences and seven primary schools: : IKC Aventurijn, obs Eestroom, IKC de Kinderkoepel, obs De Plataanschool, cbs Prins Mauritsschool, IKC Trianova and cbs Willem Alexanderschool.

The project’s six neighbourhoods are home to dozens of nationalities and languages. “Taal yn Byld” is about appreciating your own and other people’s mother tongue and experiencing the pleasure of language. The pupils have collected beautiful sentences from their parents’ mother tongues and created images for posters, often together with their parents. The artistic billboards give the pupils a stunning showcase for their language and texts. Supplying both the content and the design will certainly give them something to be proud of! The billboards are now on display on seven locations, the so called Strjitten fan taal (streets of languages in Frisian), throughout Leeuwarden. In september the posters can be seen during UITfestival in Leeuwarden, on top of Obe.

The children took to the streets themselves to conduct research into all the languages in their neighbourhood. They share the results of their “fieldwork” with each other, and of course with the visitors to Lân fan Taal.

The Strjitten fan Taal can be found on the following locations:

  • Prins Mauritsschool: outside shopping centre Bilgaard (Ludinga)
  • De Eestroom: shopping centre Vrijheidswijk (bij Zaika Handmade Burgers)
  • De Plataanschool: at the neighbourhood centre Schieringen-Heegterp (Egelantierstraat)
  • IKC Aventurijn: on the gate at the school (Tjerk Hiddestraat)
  • De Kinderkoepel: on the gate along the Vredeman de Vriesstraat
  • Alexanderschool: next to the Aldi shopping centre Aldllân (Stinzenflora)
  • Trianova: outside MFC Camminghastins (Lieuwenburg)


Schools have been working on this project since March 2017. The result can be seen from 24 May 2018 at seven locations in the neighbourhoods and in the beginning of September at UITfestival Leeuwarden.

NHL Stenden Hogeschool (Lectoraat Taalgebruik & Leren en Lectoraat Fries & Meertaligheid, Pabo), Kunstkade, DNALWD2018