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In the courtyard of the Fryske Akademy.

Numerous great language initiatives will blossom in the (normally closed) courtyard of the Fryske Akademy. Here you can have kilometres of Frisian words sponsored, find animals of Frisian origin, or in any case hear how they have crept into our language. The many languages spoken in Leeuwarden will also set up camp here, and you can discover what (old) maps have to tell us!

Frisian Dictionary readings
The entire Friese Handwoordenboek (Concise Frisian Dictionary) will be read aloud in the garden of the Fryske Akademy. Visitors can take part on the day, or sign up in advance. This reading aloud marathon is linked to a good cause, and participants can be sponsored. By reading the entire dictionary out loud, interesting new insights will arise, unusual and forgotten words will come to light, and the Frisian language will be the centre of attention.

Animal language
Jorieke Savelkouls will give a number of lectures about native Frisian animals and language related to animals. These will also cover how animals communicate with each other and with humans. In the summer, Savelkouls will give lectures about the Friesian horse: on the influence of the agricultural community on spoken Frisian, and also the discussions that have taken place about the ideal Friesian horse.

Poetry competition
As part of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, the Fryske Akademy is organising a poetry competition. The poems can be about the Fryske Akademy, about its staff, researchers, appearance, what the Fryske Akademy does, and anything else you can think of. Because LF2018 is also about Friesland, the submitted poems may also be about the province. The ten best, most beautiful and funniest poems will be selected by a jury and displayed as part of a permanent exhibition in the tent in the courtyard of the Fryske Akademy in the summer of 2018. A selection will be made from the submitted poems in March 2018. One main prize will be awarded (restaurant voucher to the value of €100) and two second prizes (VVV vouchers to the value of €50).

Storytellers from Leeuwarden
More than 60 languages are spoken in Leeuwarden alone. Screens showing speakers of various European regional languages, telling a story in their own language, can be seen in the tent in the garden of the Fryske Akademy. In this way, you can get a taste of the rich variety of languages spoken in the 2018 European capital of culture!

Friesland on the map
History can be told through more than just written text: you can also learn a lot – including about language – from images. (Old) maps of Friesland will be shown in the garden of the Akademy. This exhibition consists of maps that tell an interesting story about Friesland. They give an impression of the research carried out at the Fryske Akademy.

Fryske Akademy, Leeuwarden

April 2018