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Game – US: Lân fan taal.

Unravel an ancient mystery with a brand new game! It is 1867. Cornelis over de Linden discovers a runic manuscript describing a 4,000-year-old Frisian civilisation. He reveals his discovery, and in 1872 it is published under the name “Oera Linda”. But is the piece genuine, or is it a complete forgery? Join one of the three secret societies and use your smartphone as a (linguistic) weapon as you search for answers!

During this augmented reality, multi-player game for Android and iOS phones, you travel across Leeuwarden. The original Oera Linda story allegedly dates from 1256; the manuscript found by Cornelis would be one of a series of handwritten copies. Recently, a new version has been found that appears to be “genuine”.

Three secret societies (Lyda, Finda and Frya) – all mentioned in the Oera Linda – have started a campaign to recruit new members. Especially among secondary school pupils. Are they looking for confrontation? Will they find out whether Frisian culture has already existed for many centuries? Join one of the three societies, take part in missions, think up and discover riddles, conquer (GPS) locations, and earn virtual money. Tip: it’s “very” handy if you know Frisian history (“canon”)!

Suitable for anyone aged 12 and up.

Download the game: App store / Google Play
The game can be played anywhere, but works best within the centre of Leeuwarden

The game can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android from 28 January 2018

Afûk, Grendel Games and Fryske Akademy