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Friezen om utens (Frisians from outside).

What is the language of the heart of Frisians who have – sometimes long ago – emigrated abroad? You can discover it on local TV, on screens in Lân fan taal and of course online. 

Imagine that you emigrated abroad from Friesland years ago. You’ve mastered the language of the country, met new friends, and found work. You do your best, you’ve achieved things, but just as with everyone, your life is not always a bed of roses. How do you deal with successes and setbacks? What role does the distance between your country of residence and the country where you grew up play? And what is ultimately the language of your heart: your second language, or is it still your mother tongue?

Omrop Fryslân has asked Frisians who live abroad to record short films about their lives there, and investigates how they deal with change. Which emotions do they experience, and to what extent does their homeland and the Frisian language play a role in processing those feelings?

The films will be shown on Omrop Fryslân TV on 23 February 2018. They can also be seen in Lân fan taal Pavillion Liwwadders and online from 21 February.

On TV, online and in Pavillion Liwwadders

Throughout 2018

Omrop Fryslân