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Frisian MOOC.

Would you like to improve your Frisian? You can do so in an easily accessible and simple way with a comprehensive online course. The Fryske MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is for everyone, wherever you live in the world, whether you’re Frisian, a tourist, a “root-seeker” or a language student!

Perhaps you want to improve your command of Frisian, or want to understand your Frisian roots better. But it may also be that, as someone with an interest in languages, you want to investigate the similarities between Frisian and (Old) English, or that as a polyglot you want to learn as many languages as possible. The Fryske MOOC, a large, easily accessible online course, has been developed for all these groups, as well as for groups such as tourists and expats in Friesland.

On 14 April, the new Frisian MOOC will be launched with a major event in the Afûk Language Pavilion. A famous Frisian will take to the stage to explain what the Frisian language means to him or her personally. Visitors can test the MOOC themselves.

Online on Frisianmooc.com


Fryske Akademy and Afûk

  • 14 April 2018 Saturday
    Launch Fryske Mooc MeM – Livingroom of Languages
    Groeneweg 1, 8911 EH Leeuwarden, Nederland