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Education – Primary education.

Why does language exist? What can you do with it? The Lân fan taal educational programme is based around the necessity of language. And, not to forget: the love of language! Primary school pupils can discover what the body says, use the amazing “talkboard” by illustrator Charlotte Dematons, and take part in a multilingual musical!

Dans Taal Dans (Dance, Language, Dance)
For the 1st and 2nd school years / via Kunstmenu and Uurcultuur
Look, my hand’s in the air. It’s waving. Is that language? Is a waving hand a talking hand? How do you learn language, actually? Do you start with a word or start with your body? Pupils discover what the body says and how language works. Together with a dancer. Can you say something without speaking? Dancing is also telling a story with your body. And we’ll try it out. We philosophise, dance and fantasise about language and all the ways you can say something. In partnership with Dance company 058.

Language, that’s us Language makes us human
For the 1st to 8th school years / available free of charge via the Taal-Kit (Language Kit) / in class with the reading consultant
Together with renowned illustrator Charlotte Dematons, libraries in Friesland have developed a beautiful “talkboard” that allows parents, grandparents and children to discover the diversity of language encounters, regardless of their language skills.

Language adventures in Leeuwarden
For the 1st to 8th school years / more information at kultuerfilter.nl from September 2017
At Lân fan taal, we organise various language adventures for school classes. Various routes are possible with a Lân fan taal passport. These include the Poetry Route (Tresoar/Tryater/Fries Museum), Play Expeditions (Taletùn/OBE), Journeys Through Time (HCL/DNA/Taletùn) and the Animal Language Safari (Natuurmuseum/OBE).

Fantasy poetry
For the 1st to 3rd school years via Kunstmenu (Leeuwarden) and Uurcultuur/Keunstwurk (elsewhere in Friesland)
The pupils and their teacher each bring a word from home. A word that sparks your curiosity, a strange word or an old word. At school we explore the words. Is the word musical? How does it feel, how does it smell, what does it look like? We explore the words with the help of a word investigator. The word investigator visits the class with a big backpack. He explores the words using exciting materials. We place the words on a word field: the start of our poem. The words remain in the class so teachers can continue working with them. In partnership with Tresoar.

Vertellus wie je bent (Tell who you are)
Afternoon storytelling performance for the 3rd to 8th school years / expertise development at school after the performance/ booking via Kultuerfilter.nl
Vertellus tells stories. With his voice, with music, with words, with his entire being. Erik van Dort has created a magical story especially for Lân fan taal about how he became a storyteller and who he met along the way. About focus and staying true to yourself. He will come and tell (almost) the whole school about it. And after that? He will share his greatest discoveries with the teachers, so they too can learn how to tell stories.

Taal – De Musical (Language – The Musical)
7th and 8th school years / can be downloaded free of charge from lanfantaal.frl from the beginning of 2018
Language – The Musical has been developed especially for older pupils. A (multi)linguistic celebration of the end of the 2017-18 school year. Including songs and an exciting story. Peter Sijbenga (from berne-iepenloft and many (youth) performances by Tryater) will write and compose the entire piece. This musical is suitable for both large and small groups.

Swalkkasten (Wandering Bookcases)
In 2018, the Taletùn and Language Pavilion MEM will host swalkkasten (wandering bookcases) full of beautiful, classic children’s books. Books that your parents, grandparents, teacher, your favourite uncle or your very old neighbour with the white beard would once have read. Books that they will have unforgettable memories of reading. The Stichting Geschiedenis Klassieke Kinderboeken (Classic Children’s Books History Foundation) has put together the top of the bill of international classics. In multiple languages. Do you see an interesting book? Then you can take it with you to read at home, or in the garden. You can keep the book or pass it on.

Welcome in the Language Garden, a place for playing and discovering for children
From April till October the Prinsentuin in Leeuwarden will be a Language Garden! Just like flowers in a real garden, language will grow and bloom in this place. In the Language Garden you’ll be looking for language, playing with language, experiencing it and making it. Keep on reading here if you want to know more about the offer for school children in the Language Garden.