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Education – Primary and secondary.

In addition to a free Language Kit, there are more events and programmes suitable for both primary and secondary education.

Below is a list, which is not yet exhaustive, of the activities:

Taal-Kit (Language Kit)
As a teacher, you can explore new language pathways with the free Language Kit. The Language Kit (available at the end of October) is a continuous learning pathway full of easily accessible teaching methods that celebrate the joy of language. The Language Kit includes lesson ideas, language research data, 21st century language games, themed projects and tips from writers and spoken word artists. For all ages.
Request the Language Kit now! (form in Dutch)

My schools network big event
On My schools network, Lân fan taal offers a string of events about the joy of language. With a big language party at OBE on 11 April 2018. There will be events for both primary and secondary education. Keep an eye on myschoolsnetwork.com.

Escher in language
The artist Maurits Escher played with and illustrated mathematical principles. But how can his beautiful works inspire you to experience the joy of language? You can investigate that! In partnership with Fries Museum, for primary and secondary education, available throughout 2018 via the Language Kit.

Play with Language
Design students from D’Drive will start the 2017-18 academic year with an introduction to Lân fan taal. They’ll spend the whole day working with the joy of language and will then help to design the Language Kit. Their research question: what is your advice for teachers with pupils suffering from language stress? In partnership with MBO D’Drive, available via the Language Kit.

Lexicography and schools
The Fryske Akademy, in partnership with Keunstwurk, will provide guest lessons for the early years of secondary education about dictionaries and Taalweb.frl. These will include film clips about language. Pupils (and their teachers) will work with the voorkeurswoordenlijst (preferred lexicon), learn to use the Taalweb, and learn what is necessary to arrive at a good dictionary description.