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Community Projects: Theatre.

Within Lân fan taal is of course a place for ‘mienskip’ (means community) projects! Below are the projects that are supported by the special LFT subsidy scheme and are related to ‘theatre’. They are all public-oriented cultural activities with special attention to multilingualism.

De profylfoto van Klaas (Musical theatre production)
By: Stichting Talant
At the Greidhoek festival t.b.c. 21/22/23 Sept 2018

De profielfoto van Klaas (Klaas’ profile photo) is a musical theatre production about the importance of a beacon in our lives. The performance is part of the Under de Toer project, and is the result of a remarkable collaboration between professionals, volunteers, clients of Talant and a Swedish choir consisting of people with and without physical and/or mental disabilities. It is the story of Klaas, a former banker and resident of Wommels who has become a farmer in Sweden, where he lives with his wife and children. He has seen a lot of the world, but his WhatsApp profile still features the church tower in Wommels, with the Frisian flag flying high! The role of the church tower as a beacon in life will be described in word and song by the local music, singing and theatre club. What does the tower mean to you? Read more …

Literêre kuier “De Wuttelhaven del”
(Literary walk)
By: Sigrid Kingma
Provisional dates: 7, 15, 21 and 22 September 2018
Possible extra performances: 28 and 29 September 2018

The literary city walk De Wuttelhaven del is based on the war novel written by Steven H.P. de Jong, winner of the Gysbert Japixc prize. The story in the book serves as the common thread linking the poems and short theatre pieces – in Frisian, Liwwadders, Dutch and German – along the route. While the walk passes through the most beautiful parts of Leeuwarden, it also shows a darker side. Along the route, performers will interpret the themes and bring the story to life. The route begins on Achter de Hoven, where the Van Haelen family lived, and from where they walked to church every Sunday. It follows the Maria Louisastraat, Emmakade and Koningsstraat, past the castle of King David in the Slotmakersstraat. It then passes through the Grote Kerk (church), which plays a key role in the story, before concluding in the “castle gardens” with a spectacular finale. www.sigridkingma.wordpress.com

Children’s performance “Bisteboel”
By: Stichting Muzikale Kinderproducties (Musical Children’s Productions Foundation)
From September 2017

A Frisian-Dutch children’s performance full of educational moments and beautiful songs. Interactive elements will make an entertaining contribution to the story. The story focuses on the experiences of a stubborn girl who wants to discover the world. The girl is a native Frisian speaker, but she finds the Frisian language primitive and outdated. Her opinion changes during her journey, and she begins to appreciate the language and culture of Friesland more and more. The piece will be performed from September 2017 in De Bres Theatre (Leeuwarden), De Koornbeurs Theatre (Franeker), in various primary schools in Leeuwarden via Kunstkade, in OPUS 3 Centre for music (Dokkum), the Sterrekijker Art and Culture Programme (various schools, municipality of Franekeradeel) and at the Pleats Cultural Commission (Burgum). www.smkp.nl

The language of the heart
(village spectacle)
By: Plaatselijk Belang “Eensgezindheid” (Local Interest “Unity”)
3x in October 2018

In the autumn of 2018, during Tsjerkepaad, Ter Idzard will play host to a multidisciplinary art project on freedom and language: De tael van et hatte (The language of the heart). The project is based around a party in the historical setting of 1579. We celebrate the homecoming of the Stellingwerf pilgrims returning from Santiago de Compostella. Stellingwerf is in a state of chaos following the signing of the Union of Utrecht by Van Idzarda. What do the Free Frisian States mean for the people of Stellingwerf and their language? The route in Ter Idzard is lined with light objects and projections with multilingual texts about freedom, while in the church there is an exhibition with photos and stories from villagers about freedom and identity in their own language: the language of the heart. Songs about the struggle for freedom from Stellingwerf and the Basque Country will also feature. This project is also part of the LF2018 project Under de Toer.

Mata Hari was here
(community art)
By: Stichting Spoonk
now until July 2018

Mata Hari was an icon of adventure, the exotic, transcending borders and celebrating life. In this project, this icon is used symbolically to invite people to express their talents, to discover the exotic in themselves, and to help others to enjoy it. It is a theatre project intended to connect diverse cultures in an unimposing, festive manner. In Bilgaard alone, 103 different cultures live side by side, and countless languages are spoken – including Liwwadders! Communication plays an important role, but not just verbal communication. In this project, we also communicate by knitting, dancing and eating together, by showing things to each other, and by listening to each other. The project consists of three parts: the preliminary stage in three neighbourhoods (Bilgaard, Achter de Hoven and Oranjewijk) from March-May 2017, then the first performance “Not the Mata Hari Show” from June-December 2017 in Zalen Schaaf and finally the second performance “Mata Hari in the forest” in the Leeuwarder bos (forest of Leeuwarden) from January-July 2018. www.spoonk.com