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Community Projects: Poetry.

Within Lân fan taal is of course a place for ‘mienskip’ (means community) projects! Below are the projects that are supported by the special LFT subsidy scheme and are related to ‘poetry’. They are all public-oriented cultural activities with special attention to multilingualism.

Poets south-west Friesland & Jankobus Seunnenga (poetry)
By: Stichting Podium Gorter
Sunday 4 March 2018/4 p.m.

This poetry afternoon in Balk, presented by Amieke de Rapper, promises to be a colourful event. There will be contributions in Dutch, Frisian and Hylpers (the dialect of Hindeloopen) from many names from the world of poetry. The following acts will perform: Margreet Schouwenaar, Marten Visser, Anske Smit, Ytsje Hettinga, Dien L. De Boer, Thys Wadman, Jelle de Boer and Wiebe Dooper. “Poet and deadpan comic” Jankobus Seunnenga will also take to the stage. This die-hard Frisian punk is known for his roles in Kobus gaat naar Appelscha and Pigmeat, but has also produced a number of fantastic CDs as a solo artist. The most recent of these, “Voor het land” (For the country) is inspired by Vestdijk. Start 4 p.m./Admission €5.

Dichter op de Deel
(Poet in the Barn)
By: Kunstvereniging Kunst achter Dijken (Art behind Dikes Art Association)
Sunday 10 September 2017

Every two years, the poetry festival “Dichter op de Deel” takes place in the Frisian village of Exmorra. It is one of the most successful poetry events in Friesland. The sixth edition focuses on variety, connections and delivery. The Frisian language is an important connecting factor, with variety being the defining feature of the programming. For example, the Iraqi Rodaan Al Galidi will share the stage with eight-year-old Aggie van der Meer from Bolsward. 23-year-old Obe Alkema and the young Belgian Charlotte van de Broeck – an exponent of a modern style of delivery – will perform next to the renowned, P.C. Hooft laureate, Tonnus Oosterhof.

Fabels met Kleurkrijt
 (poetry to music)
By: Jankobus Seunnenga
Sunday 28 January: CD Presentation

From Lowlands to Paradiso: Jankobus has performed everywhere. He is known for his role in the punk band Kobus gaat naar Appelscha and the Frisian folk duo Pigmeat. This year, this die-hard punk can be found in Frisian living rooms. In an interesting change of key, he will record the collection of poems Fabels met Kleurkrijt (Fables with Coloured Chalk) by Simon Vestdijk onto CD, and will perform them in very intimate settings. Fabels met Kleurkrijt (1938) consists of fifteen poems with themes related to nature. Jankobus collaborated with Simon Vestdijk’s son Dick to produce the CD. The CD will be presented in the Kloosterkapel in Sijbrandahuis during the poetry week and the opening weekend of LF2018. The tour will then visit numerous locations, libraries and cafés. Read more here

Moarn gean ik dea
(poetry to music)
By: Arnold de Boer
23 and 30 April. 2017 (already taken place)

An afternoon of Frisian music and poetry in the form of an album presentation of “Moarn gean ik dea” on 23 April in the Lutheran church in Leeuwarden. In partnership with Meindert Talma, Tsead Bruinja, Peter Sijbenga. The event was repeated on 30 April 2017 in Amsterdam.

Friesland … pure poetry 
By: Henk Veenstra
December. 17

Multilingual poetry from and about Friesland on this website.