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Lân fan taal » Community Projects: Education


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Community Projects: Education.

Within Lân fan taal is of course a place for ‘mienskip’ (means community) projects! Below are the projects that are supported by the special LFT subsidy scheme and are related to ‘education’. They are all public-oriented cultural activities with special attention to multilingualism.

Fier dyn Frije Taal (poetry workshops)
By Stichting Utjouwerij Frysk en Frij
September 2017

Poetry workshops with the topic, “what really matters” will be organised in primary schools? What do you find most important? Children are invited to write and perform a poem in their own language or dialect. The goal is to highlight the colourful linguistic landscape of Friesland. Everyone can have fun and express themselves through poetry. It doesn’t matter if it is in Turkish or Arabic, Frisian, a Frisian dialect, Dutch or English.

Multilingualism with sign language
By Belle Dijkstra and Jildou Dooper
13 September – 6 December 2017

The pupils of the Master Amiko live in the asylum seekers’ centre in Sneek. These children come from various countries and speak a variety of native languages. Although some children previously attended school in their home countries, the Master Amiko is the first experience of school for many others. This project from Jildou Dooper and Belle Dijkstra will provide pupils, teachers and others with a tool to simplify communication, and to accelerate the learning of the Dutch language. This tool is sign language as a means of supporting spoken language.