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A party for the deaf.

Sign language and communication between hearing and deaf people are indispensable elements of Lân fan taal. For example, the catering facilities in Language Pavilion MEM will be run by deaf and hearing impaired persons. Will ordering a cup of coffee be as easy as “usual”? On World Deaf Day, there will be a multi-sensory experience for a deaf and hearing audience, among other activities.

Frido (Deaf Frisians) and Hoor Friesland (an organisation promoting the interests of deaf and hearing impaired persons) will bring World Deaf Day (WDD) to Leeuwarden on Saturday 29 September 2018. On this day, around 1,500 deaf people will travel to the Frisian capital for a varied, in-depth programme. The goal: more awareness of deafness, sign language and deaf culture.

Feel the dance floor vibrate
The Mute Sounds cultural festival, which will stimulate all the senses, will take place on the evening of World Deaf Day. You’ll discover a world in which the emotion of music takes centre stage. After all, music is much more than just sound. Feel the dance floor vibrate, discover various smell and taste tones, and enjoy visual performances, light and video!

And the rest of 2018
Beyond Lân fan taal, LF2018 will also be a fantastic party for and with deaf people. Many cultural activities will be organised, including a very special film programme in Slieker from 27 to 30 September, art by deaf artists in Keramiekmuseum Princessenhof, music by Beethoven performed by the Frysk Jeugdorkest, and a special open air theatre play in Jorwert.


Neushoorn, Ruiterskwartier 41, Leeuwarden

World Deaf Day: Saturday 29 September, from 10:30-17:00
Mute Sounds: Saturday 29 September, from 21.00-03.00

Hoor Friesland, Fries Museum, Slieker Film, Neushoorn, 125Procent, Pento, BUOG, Afûk and Kentalis