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8th day. Moaie dei.

In Leeuwarden, a gigantic “Goldberg machine” that has never been seen before will be constructed: an energetic chain reaction of installations and human actions. It will wind through the city in a figure-of-eight shaped route. And you can actively contribute, either as a resident or visitor!

On 8 July 2018, from 13:00 to 18.00, the city centre of Leeuwarden will be playfully turned on its head. Structures, music, theatre, dance, speech, sport and film will together form a gigantic chain reaction as if they were the backdrop to a huge film set. Anything goes.

As an important prelude, 8th day constructed a huge “whisper line” in collaboration with Lân fan taal during the opening of the cultural capital. This “whisper line” was based on the age-old game where you pass on a message by whispering in the ear of the person next to you. In the 8th day version, as an audience, you don’t just hear the initial and final sentence, but also the transformation between them! A beautiful film has been made of it, ‘De Fluisterlijn’, which can now be seen continuously in the public toilets of Obe and online.

8th day wouldn’t be possible without the mienskip (community). All the links in the chain reaction on 8 July are already complete, but the organisation is still looking for volunteers to keep everything on track. Everyone is also welcome on 8 July to join in building in the free construction zones. The gold mountain machines that will be built there will play an important role in the chain reaction. Interested? Find out more here. Because later you’ll want to be able to say: “I was there, I took part, and it was about me!” Want to join? Contact us on info@8stedag.nl.

Leeuwarden city centre

Sunday 8 July 2018


Pictures of the premiere of ‘De Fluisterlijn’ on the toilets of Obe / Marc de Fotograaf