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Poetry installation at Explore the North.

From Friday 24th till Saturday 25th of November the 5th edition of Explore the North will take place. The festival turns the city center of Leeuwarden into a platform for writers, musicians, dancers and actors from all directions. Lân fan taal treats visitors to multilingual fragments from the poem that was written especially for Lân fan taal by Maarten van der Graaff: “The Day The Archive Was Made Public”.

The Blokhuispoort in Leeuwarden is the starting point and festival heart of Explore the North. In the gate to the second courtyard of the former prison you can hear sentences from the poem by Van der Graaff. You can read the first verse on an information board.

Read the whole poem here in five languages (Dutch, Frisian, English, Catalan and Arabic)

Or listen to spoken fragments of the poem:


Also on Explore the North:

Kop & Schaduw
Would you like to think and talk about the things of life, in a serene atmosphere? Visit Kop & Schaduw’ at the Blokhuispoort! You’ll meet a poet in an anonymous setting. An artist depicts the conversation, after which graphic printers make an unique and very personal keepsake. Collaboration between Lân fan taal, Explore the North, Grafisch Atelier Friesland & Welcome to the Village.

The Alphabet project
Every day from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm you can view the Alphabet project (free of charge) in ship ‘de Eestroom’, on the quay of restaurant Proefverlof. Some 21 Artists have given their own artistic twist to the Frisian alphabet. A collaboration of magazine de moanne with Lân fan taal and Explore the North.

Check out the whole festival programme and buy tickets

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