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Opening Language Garden & Pavilions.

This Easter weekend it’s finally time for a new part of Lân fan taal to be officially opened in the Prinsentuin of Leeuwarden! Then, everybody will be able to enjoy the Language Garden with the two new pavilions ‘MeM-Livingroom of Languages‘ (run by Afûk/BUOG) and pavilion ‘Liwwadders‘ (run by Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden and partner DNALWD2018). Also, the Oldehove tower will be accessible again for the public from Friday 30th of March. From Saturday 31st of March everything will be open for the public en everybody is welcome! What is exactly the programme?

Friday, March 30th

Official opening of the Oldehove, Liwwadders and MeM for invited guests.

The Oldehove tower is open! Free entrance, only today.

Pavilion Liwwadders is open!

MeM – Livingroom of Languages is open!

Saturday, March 31st 

First live broadcasting of radio show ‘Op&Ut’ of Omrop Fryslân from MeM. Audience is welcome!

Deropút met Heit&Mem: festive opening programme with all kinds of family and children activities, games, workshops, music, puppet show, discovery quests through the city of Leeuwarden and more. Read on

The pavilion Liwwadders is open with stories of inhabitants of Leeuwarden about the present, past and future. The Oldehove tower is also open, entrance 1 euro.

Sunday, April 1st

Discover the Language Garden. Take your time for a walk through the park, experience language in new ways and leave your favourite word in MeM.

Listen to stories of inhabitants of Leeuwarden at pavilion Liwwadders. The Oldehove tower is also open with regular entrance prices.

Every week a different language is put in the spotlight at MeM. The Bilkerts are up first! Led by Tjerk Bosje a show will be held with Bildts writers, poets and storytellers. Read more: De Bildtse Week


Check in on the Facebook event and invite your friends!

On Easter Monday, April 2nd the pavilions are also open!

Go on a tour of the HCL (Historic Centre Leeuwarden) this Easter weekend. On Saturday there is an ‘Oldehove Tour’ and on Sunday and Monday there are ‘Highlights Tours’. Start at 13.15 at HCL. Price: 3,50 euro.

Come to MeM-Livingroom of Languages as well to enjoy a nice drink and bite to eat!