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Programme opening Lân fan taal.

The first weekend of February, Lân fan taal opens. To celebrate this, there will be a free language festival. On Friday evening the premiere of ‘Foarlopich lân / Voorlopig land’ takes place, a multilingual video projection on the Oldehove. On Saturday, February 3, Tresoar will organise an open house and on Sunday, February 4, DNALWD2018 will add a special window with tubes to the DNA artwork. In the Prinsentuin Lân fan taal and Explore the North organize a three-day ‘Spreekbotenfestival’ (festival with short talks/stories on boats).

Projection on the Oldehove
Video artwork ‘Foarlopich lân / Voorlopig land’ is an occasional collaboration, especially for Lân fan taal. Poet Tsead Bruinja wrote the text and singer / comedian Herman van Veen composed electronic music. Artist Jules van Hulst in turn made images to this music. Herman van Veens reaction to the images: “impressive, bizarre clear, fits like a hand”. Bruinja has included the text he wrote for ‘Foarlopich lân’ in his new, bilingual bundle, which he will present 2 February after the premiere. Take a seat on the stairs of Obe or find a place at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof and travel along!

Free mini festival
A free festival starts right after the premiere of the projection. In Obe you experience the ‘In So Many Words’ language installation by the British artist Tim Etchells and the DNA-tubes artwork of DNALWD2018 in the Town Hall. Tresoar presents many exhibitions and multimedia language works for Lân fan taal. In the Prinsentuin, Explore the North fills three boats with a (more) linguistic program.

A complete schedule can be downloaded here!

‘Spreekbotenfestival’ in the Prinsentuin (Friday / Saturday / Sunday)
On three boats and in De Koperen Tuin, Explore the North programs music, literature and a series of short talks. Amongst others writer/journalist Nynke de Jong is a guest. And also Tsead Bruinja is part of the festival. On Friday night ‘The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip’ will play, a band that sings Dutch songs about, among other things, the Kaketoekan, a medicine man and sisters of friends who are naughty. Subsequently, more musicians and poets play and speak and a DJ plays until midnight. On Friday evening, our new language stage Obe, Tresoar and the town hall (DNALWD2018) are opened to the public. On Saturday evening at 7:00 pm the ‘Spreekbotenfestival’ will continue in an atmospheric illuminated Prinsentuin. Visitors walk from boat to boat and are inspired by 15 minutes short talks. Unknown and well-known speakers talk about what fascinates them immensely. The subjects are diverse, from ‘Blindly trusting my guide dog’ to ‘Billie Holiday’ and ‘How music works’.

On Sunday afternoon, February 4, the Prinsentuin will be transformed into a ‘art-language-lab’ for children. They will make a presentation in three steps under the guidance of language lovers. A sensory box gives inspiration and a large wheel gives an unexpected twist to each story. After a research and production step, the children can have their presentation on theatre boat De Bald’r. The short talks are hosted by actor Karel Hermans. In between, Peter Sijbenga talks about the musical he has written for schools, Tim Laning of Grendel Games talks about games and a short rap improvisation performance is shown. In the Town Hall the tube window of the OBS Montessori school will be placed in the DNALWD2018 work at 13.00. This school contributed in 2016 to the very first DNA pilot.

Open house in Tresoar (Saturday)
On Saturday, Tresoar keeps open house during the day. The poetry machines that run throughout 2018 are set in motion, mini lectures are given and the Historical Travel Agency is opened. Creative parents and children can always go to Poetry Fantasie. The open house closes with a Literary Peepshow. Read on

Locations and times

Friday, February 2
20.00-20.20: Premiere projection Oldehove, Oldehoofsterkerkhof
20.30-22.00: Obe, Tresoar and Town Hall (DNALWD2018) open
20.30-00.00: Spreekbotenfestival in Prinsentuin (3 boats and De Koperen Tuin)

Saturday, February 3
10.00-17.00: Town hall (DNALWD2018) open
10.00-21.00: Tresoar and Obe open
15.00-18.00: Open House in Tresoar
19.00-00.00: Spreekbotenfestival in Prinsentuin (3 boats and De Koperen Tuin)
20.00-20.20: Projection Oldehove, Oldehoofsterkerkhof

Sunday, February 4
10.00-18.00: Obe and Tresoar open
12.00-17.00: City Hall (DNALWD2018) open
13.00-17.00: Spreekbotenfestival with art-language-lab in Prinsentuin (3 boats)
20.00-20.20: Projection Oldehove, Oldehoofsterkerkhof

Everything is accessible free of charge. Come to the boats at the Spreekbotenfestival on time, because full = full.


On the Wilhelminaplein, you can enjoy Waterlicht, a virtual and poetic flood by the artist Daan Roosegaarde. The work can be seen from 1-3 February from 7.30 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.