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Lân fan taal on European stage.

During an international conference this week in Soraga (Italy), Lân fan taal was presented as an exemplary project of LF2018. The Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) organized the conference.

Wybren Jorritsma was invited to give a presentation about the approach of Lân fan taal. He spoke about the economic opportunities offered by Lân fan taal in the prospect of the growing number of tourists looking for unique local stories.

The approach of Lân fan taal was well received by the press and the audience of representatives of other European language communities. In particular, the positive message (celebrating multilingualism) was well received and the collaboration in which professional parties and initiators are realizing a broad festival bottom up.

That particular local languages ​​in a multilingual approach can have a prosperous existence, was also revealed by the famous Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. They announced that from now on all their expressions, in addition to Spanish and English, will be structurally in Basque as well. And where the Basque is understandable for Spanish speakers, the Spanish is left out.

At the closing, agreements have been made to organize an international conference of the NPLD in Lân fan taal next year. And Mr. Sixto Molina of the Council of Europe for the European Charter of Regional or Minority Languages, announced he also wants to organize a conference in Lân fan taal next year.

Photo: Wybren Jorritsma with the great boss Sixto Molina in Italy.