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Creative writing programme

Different organisations will work together to create new opportunities for writing and translation talent from Friesland. Young writers and journalists, for example, will receive training, authors and translators will be supervised in projects, and translation and translation lessons will be offered to young professionals.


Boekeman turns up like the circus – in a class, village, neighbourhood or festival. In this multilingual project we investigate (based on themes and with art as the foundation) how our own stories can form a bridge to literature. Everyone’s mother tongue and the exchange and unlocking of one’s own language are paramount. The result: […]

Story Valley

Friesland as a sustainable, creative hotspot where literature, storytelling, (technical) innovation and craft go hand in hand. Exploring new ways to unlock languages and identity through different channels – from writer’s houses, training and a storytelling fund, to projects around podcasts and vlogs.

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