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StoryValley is an initiative by media platform New Noardic Wave in cooperation with multilingual production company Explore the North. It first appeared in November 2019 as a festival for makers. Over the following years, StoryValley will present itself nationally and internationally as a sustainable, creative melting pot for literature, storytelling, innovation and craftsmanship.

In StoryValley, organisations, makers and companies develop innovative new stories and techniques, experimenting with new visual languages and technological tools, and working on new ways to unlock and share stories. Together with various partners, such as educational bodies, cultural institutions and museums, we will market the region as an area where makers can develop and produce their stories at their own pace. A place with writers’ houses, start-up incubators, good story-related courses (from primary education to higher vocational education), a storytelling fund, film studios in abandoned barns, etc.

Over the next five years, StoryValley’s goal is to become a vibrant, self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystem that attracts creative talent and undertakes original and high-risk projects that transport the Frisian landscape, stories, language and talent across borders.