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Production house Explore the North and The World Fish Migration Foundation (partner of UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage) are working together on a multilingual literature project dealing in a major breakthrough in re-establishing fish migration.

In 2022, the first permanent fish migration river in the world will be constructed near Kornwerderzand, and pass right through the Afsluitdijk which separates the North Sea from the IJsselmeer lake. Millions of fish, such as sea trout, eels, smelt and the sea lamprey, are currently unable to migrate until the control locks are completed. The river will allow these fish to be able to swim back to inland Europe via the Rhine, which will give fish stocks, as well as the bird population and the adjacent flora, a chance to recover.

In collaboration with the WFMF, production house Explore the North is launching an international art project that will collect stories from the Wadden Sea, along the IJssel and the Rhine, from Terschelling to Switzerland. Together with a travelling group of writers and artists, we will collect stories from people who live along the migration route: what does the return of the fish mean to them and their environment, and how do they see the future of where they live? We’ll be working with local writers and artists and various festivals and cities along the route: starting at the Oerol Festival on Terschelling, past Deventer op Stelten, Wintertuin (Arnhem), Heidelberg (UNESCO City of Literature), Mannheim (UNESCO City or Music) and many others, until we reach BuchBasel. The aim of this project is to raise awareness about our global heritage, but from the bottom up by immersing ourselves in local stories. This is a great way to bring art and people closer together.