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Creative writing programme.

The Creative Writing Programme is an umbrella programme for writing talent from Friesland. The programme offers writers the opportunity to develop within different genres and at different levels. The idea behind the Creative Writing Programme is to generate an active writer’s climate, and to give talented writers the opportunity to further professionalise. At the moment, the following organisations are prepared to join forces:

  • Production house Explore the North supervises young authors and makers to execute literary projects with an interdisciplinary character, and place them on the market. The production house has its own platform, the annual Explore the North festival, and a wide local and international network of other platforms. The production house helps young professionals with prose, poetry, spoken word and the art of essay writing, as well as individual and group multidisciplinary projects.
  • Tryater organises a training course for talented, Frisian-language playwrights.
  • Meeuw Young Writers is a preparatory course in literary writing created by production house Explore the North and Meeuw Young Theatre Makers. The course is for young writers between 14 and 18 years old and focuses on writing prose, poetry, spoken word and theatre scripts. After the preparatory course, talents can progress to the production house or one of the other partners in the Creative Writing Programme.
  • New Noardic Wave is a media platform for writers, directors, designers, composers and producers. Its work includes supporting writers with scriptwriting, and writing texts for media productions.
  • Iepen Up organises social events and a weekly talk show discussing social topics, which always involves poets and authors. Iepen Up is going to train talented journalists, with a focus on literary journalism.
  •  Dichter bij Leeuwarden is a literary platform centred on urban life. It offers a stage, meeting place, supervision and writing workshops to emerging literary talent interested in poetry, rap and the spoken word.
  • De Afûk and Tresoar are literary knowledge centres that organise language lessons and creative writing courses based on the Frisian language.

The Creative Writing Programme bundles the various literary genres and expertise and adds the translation component at every level. Literary translation and close cooperation between writers and translators will be an essential part of the writing programme.

Yn it ramt fan it dielen fan kennis en meartaligens behelje wy it netwurk fan City of Literature by it jaan fan gastlessen, masterclasses en oersetworkshops.