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Boekeman – The power of personal texts.

Boekeman represents fluid, inclusive research into language enrichment through art. Boekeman adopts a circus-like atmosphere and appears in classes, villages, neighbourhoods, target groups and festivals. In this short-term (festival) or long-term (school neighbourhood) multilingual project, Boekeman investigates how our own stories can form a bridge to literature. Inspirators encourage a group to tell or write their own stories. In cooperation with writers, participants develop their texts into literary forms. These are then elaborated into poetry, a book, film, theatre, or spoken word. Boekeman always operates the same way: the group is encouraged to provide input on a certain theme, and this is converted into a new form. This working method is preserved in a long line of creative writing.

It’s designed for young and old, the barely literate and highly-gifted, the monolinguists and polyglots, and the newcomers and veterans. By working together from a committed base to create a product that people are proud of and that reflects their own lives, the target group experiences empowerment and obstacles are removed from the path to literature. The project brings various partners together, such as festivals, libraries, schools, writers, Tryater, Keunstwurk, KEK, and production house Explore the North.