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Literary organisations.

Dichter fan Fryslân
Every two years, the Province of Friesland appoints a ‘Dichter fan Fryslân’ (Frisian Poet Laureate) to encourage poetry in Frisian.

Leeuwarden City Artist
From 2020, the municipality of Leeuwarden will be appointing a city artist for two years. The artist will be commissioned to develop an exhibition, activity and production based on the theme of multilingualism.

Rixt. Frysk Dichterskollektyf
Rixt, named in honour of the Frisian poet Rixt (pseudonym Hendrika Akke van Dorssen, 1887 to 1979), is a broad collective of Frisian poets. These poets write and publish poems about current affairs relevant to events in and out of Friesland. They present the contemporary relevance of Frisian poetry to a wide audience.

Edwin de Groot is a ‘Feandichter’ (Fean Poet). This is an initiative by the municipality of Heerenveen and the Heerenveen Literary Foundation.

The Municipality of Achtkarspelen Village Poet
Arjan Hut will be the village poet of the municipality of Achtkarspelen for the next two years. The municipality of Achtkarspelen has been appointing a village poet to stimulate cultural and literary life since 2009. The previous village poets were Sytse van der Werf, Ate Grijpstra, Suzan Bosch and Meindert Talma.

Municipal poet of Smallingerland
Smallingerland’s municipal poet is Mark Spijkers. He is a former DongeraDichter (City and Regional Poet of Dongeradeel), and is known by his stage name, Graaf van Medwert, and from his radio programme De SmachtWacht, which is broadcast by RTV NOF.

The Local Poet of North-east Friesland
Jankobus Seunnenga has been appointed for the period 2019 to 2021 by the municipality of North-east Friesland, following the nomination by the Local Poet of North-east Friesland Foundation.

Poetry Circle
The Poetry Circle is a national platform for writing performers and performing writers that creates sensational performances and shows for theatres, festivals, living rooms, tree houses and other locations. Writers also meet up in Leeuwarden (Neushoorn) to sharpen their skills under supervision.

GAL Poetry Collective
This poet’s collective from Groningen, Assen and Leeuwarden jointly writes, presents, and organises GAL meetings. GAL stands for Groningen, Assen and Leeuwarden. These are the cities where the three initiators of this collective, René Alberts, Bart van Mulkom and Henk Dillerop, live. A few times a year, the collective organises an afternoon or evening in one of the three cities.

Leeuwarder Collectief (Leeuwarden Collective)
The Leeuwarden Collective organises a workshop for writing raps. They look at different rhyme patterns, puns, flows and writing strategies. The participants then write a rap text at the end of the workshop. There is also a workshop for writing and reciting poetry.

It Skriuwersboun
This organisation is committed to promoting the literary climate in Friesland. It Skriuwersboun, which is represented in the European Bureau for Lesser-Used Languages (EBLT), organises lectures, presentations and meetings for members. It also regularly initiates discussions, and organises a number of working groups, such as those for ‘Berneboekepraat’ (Children’s Book Chat) and the writer’s weekends.

Gerben Rypma Stifting (Gerben Rypma Foundation)
The aim of the foundation is to maintain awareness of, and keep alive, the special work of poet and visual artist Gerben Rypma, and to stimulate cultural activities in the region.

Obe Postma Selskip
The aim of the Obe Postma Selskip, founded in 2006, is to bring together fans of Postma’s oeuvre. The Selskip also stimulates the study of his work, and promotes the publication of it. The Obe Postma Selskip organises lectures, exhibitions and the like to encourage a critical response to Postma’s work.

Stifting FLMD (FLMD Foundation)
Publishing Frisian literary work is becoming increasingly challenging. To alleviate this, the FLMD Foundation subsidises lots of publications. In addition, the foundation supports numerous innovative and more traditional projects. After the province scrapped the Fedde Schurer Prize for debut writers, the FLMD Foundation began awarding the D.A. Tamming Prize in 2014. The FLMD from It Fryske Gea has been renting the Skriuwersarke, which is an isolated waterside cabin in Veenhoop, from April to September since 2005. Writers can use this building to work in peace.

It Simke Kloostermanlien
The Simke Kloostermanlien is a foundation that manages all the possessions left behind by the writer Simke Kloosterman. This includes such items as the author’s former home. The foundation also decided to award a children’s book prize, which aims to promote the writing of literature in Frisian for children and young people. Events are organised to keep the work of Simke Kloosterman alive.

It Gysbert Japicxhûs
The Gysbert Japicxhûs is the birthplace of Gysbert Japicx. The house was purchased by the Holkema family in 1979 with the aim being to convert it into a museum. The Gysbert Japicxhûsis is responsible for the Frisian Proverb Calendar. It also publishes books, gives Frisian lessons, and is making a Frisian poetry path. In addition, there’s a museum about the life and work Gysbert Japicx.

Stichting Poëzietableaus Leeuwarden (Leeuwarden Poetry Stone Foundation)
In Leeuwarden, you can walk over poetry inscribed on large slabs of Belgian bluestone. Together, these poems form a poetry route that runs through the city. Poets are regularly requested to create a new poem for a specific place in the city.