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Leeuwarden and Friesland as bases for art and literature.

The peripheral characteristics of the Northern Netherlands, and Friesland in particular, are home to lots of beauty and artistic value. The main characteristics are a sense of community, the open landscape, the emptiness, and the ever-present visibility of farming. It all adds up to making the North ‘exotic’ for urban dwellers and foreigners.

At the same time, the wide openness of the landscape provides space, in a figurative sense, for local, national and international writers and artists to reflect on society and the future. Friesland offers a contrast to urban culture, but also addresses important social developments, making it a place with opportunities for acquiring new perspectives.

Northern culture poses local writers some interesting questions: in what way do I feel connected (or disconnected!) to the North? And how do I relate to the outside world? How do I reflect that in my work? Now that LF2018 has finished, we’re more determined than ever to ensure the world sees and hears that writers and artists from the North are extremely committed and fully engaged in social developments, and have opinions on them.

The northern culture is different and provides an inexhaustible source of research and inspiration for writers, artists and the public. That’s why we cherish, develop and promote northern culture to inspire high-quality artistic work.