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Lân fan language/LF2018: a new dawn.

Leeuwarden and Friesland had a fantastic opportunity to promote themselves in 2018 when Leeuwarden’s role as Cultural Capital of Europe put the cultural wealth of both the city and the province firmly on the map. Literary and linguistic actors bundled their forces in Lân fan taal, and language pavilion OBE, a permanent visitor centre, opened in Oldehoofsterkerkhof.

Lân fan taal successfully drew attention to the capacity and innovative power of Friesland as a multilingual province. Inclusiveness was an important theme here, with language and literature proving their worth as a connecting agent for residents, artists and visitors from all over the world. Everyone has a story.

There was a wealth of successful and sustainable initiatives that would have never got off the ground without Lân fan taal, a few examples being the Multilingual production house, Explore the North, the Meeuw Jonge Schrijvers writing course, and the Taalkaravaan (the Language Caravan) and Sichtberens travelling literature festivals. Lân fan taal was the successful stepping stone to something bigger. There’s an enormous amount of support among writers, makers, institutes and the public to lift literature to a higher level; locally, nationally and internationally. Leeuwarden and Friesland have a lot to offer the world in terms of literature, and are now more than ready to further cultivate the fertile soils first ploughed in 2018.