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Friesland as a melting pot for disciplines: a rich pop culture.

A new generation of writers and artists is making its mark in Leeuwarden and Friesland. Multilingualism is a matter of course for this generation, as is interdisciplinary work.

Writing is increasingly a public activity, orientated towards performances and interwoven with other artistic genres. Young creators spend a lot of time producing texts in various forms. Originating from the Minerva Academy of Pop Culture, creative study programmes at the NHL, and active at the various innovatory hotspots in Leeuwarden and the province, they’ve managed to create a rich popular culture.

In contrast to university cities, literature here is straight from the street. Spoken word and poetry appear where they’re least expected, often combined with images in public spaces (graffiti art and landscape projects), theatre (literary performances), music (poetry dubs) or media art projects. Here, literature goes beyond multilingualism: it’s also multidisciplinary, engaging in dialogue in every dimension.