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Ongoing program

  • The Oldehove was too skewed and too unfinished to be a status symbol for Leeuwarden. However, for Lân van taal, the tower - often the subject of story and song - is in fact a perfect, stubborn icon. It’s also…
    All 4 projections in a single evening
    Wednesday 7 November 2018 -
    Wednesday 7 November 2018

  • Main program

    Our language and our city, both are well known to us. We know the words, sentences and questions, and we know the streets, the sounds, the crowds and the people. Or do we? Join us on the 'Taaltoer' / Language…
    Language tour: Sign language
    Thursday 18 October 2018 -
    Thursday 18 October 2018

    Language tour: Personification
    Thursday 15 November 2018 -
    Thursday 15 November 2018

  • Re-Opening, part of Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, will end in November with the 39th edition of the Northern Film Festival. As always, you will be able to enjoy great films, interesting documentaries and local talent, although this year the festival’s spotlight will…
    Performances with archive film
    Saturday 10 November 2018 -
    Saturday 10 November 2018

  • Secondary program

    Explore the North is a winter weekend city festival overflowing with music and stories to warm you up. It uses the historical centre of Leeuwarden as a stage, where will come across music, literature, art and more as you wander…
    Liquid Loft: Church of Ignorance
    Thursday 15 November 2018 -
    Saturday 17 November 2018

    Explore the North
    Thursday 22 November 2018 -
    Saturday 24 November 2018