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Projection #4: 1954.

From Friday 5 October to the end of November, Lân fan taal’s fourth video will be projected on the Oldehove. The multilingual audio-visual production, titled ‘1954 – We zijn er bijna’ (1954 – We’re almost there) is a collaboration between music and word collective: VANTA, new media collective: WERC, and rapper: Fresku. It is focused on the wealth of languages from our Kingdom, which, besides Dutch and Fries, includes Sranang Tongo, English and Papiamentu.

‘1954’ approaches language from a specific historical context. On 15 December 1954, Queen Juliana signed the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It gave Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles the status of land within the Kingdom. The statute was a promise to develop an equal relationship between what had been rulers and oppressed peoples. This equal relationship was between people who describe their worlds using at least five different languages: Dutch, Sranang Tongo (and at least ten other Surinamese languages), Fries, Papiamentu and English.

In ‘1954’, the old texts in different languages are thrown into the melting pot. Each language approaches the world from a different perspective, and uses different metaphors and imagery. ‘1954’ asks questions about the past 60 years. Why are there still so many misunderstandings? Why did the countries fail to continue to work together in the form established in 1954? What power do words hide?

VANTA, WERC and Fresku worked together on ‘1954’. VANTA consists of Vernon Chatlein (composer/percussionist), Amber Nijman (singer) and Juan-Carlos Goilo (spoken word artist/theatre maker). This trio with Caribbean roots blends rhythm, sound and words into a whole new sound. Artist collective WERC from Groningen consists of Joachim Rümke, Olav Huizer, Joachim de Vries and Jelle Valk. They are characterised by their experimentation with new media and technology, and their interest in the connection between the digital world and the physical world. Fresku, who was born in Eindhoven as Roy Michael Reymound, made his breakthrough in 2008. This well-known rapper is a true storyteller who combines humour with an open heart. In ‘1954’, he will be rapping in Papiamentu for the first time.

Read the script online

All the artists involved will perform live during the premiere. There will also be a fringe programme around the projection, and, on Saturday 6 October, a festival with programme designed by Explore the North will be held. There is no admission charge to any of the activities on 5 and 6 October.

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