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All 4 projections in a single evening.

Don’t worry if you missed the video artworks projected on the Oldehove earlier this year, because you can see all 4 back-to-back during the Northern Film Festival (in November 7th, 8 p.m.). This time, the focus is on the filmmakers who we’ll be interviewing in Obe afterwards.

First up is the projection of the poetic and surreal ‘Provisional land/Foarlopich lân’ by video artist, Jules van Hulst. Poet Tsjead Bruinja and composer Herman van Veen created the poems and electronic music that make up the soundtrack.

The second film, ‘Weagen/Waves/Wellen’ by animator Antonia Rehnen and editor René Duursma, is centred on the language of music. It uses poetry by Rodaan Al Galida and Tsjêbbe Hettinga, images from the Frisian Film Archive, and music by Kinetophone with singer Élénie Wagner.

Singer and writer, Nynke Laverman, was the driving force behind the third film; ‘One of Us’. Here, the main theme is understanding the language of nature. Filmmaker and video artist, Douwe Dijkstra, brought the story to life with the help of actors Dunja Jocic and Hendrik Aerts, accompanied by the music of Sytze Pruiksma.

We will end with the fourth and final projection that can be seen every Thursday and Friday on the Oldehove until December 2018. It concerns the graphic film ‘1954 – We zijn er bijna’ [1954 – We’re almost there]. It was made by media art collective WERC, which collaborated with music and word collective VANTA and rapper Fresku on the soundtrack and the theme; languages from the Dutch​Kingdom.

The program is public and free of charge. The films all last around fifteen minutes. Take your own folding chair with you or crash down on the stand of Obe. Put a blanket in your bag and we provide hot chocolate and a cozy fire to warm you up. Almost all filmmakers of the projections are also present this evening and afterwards we hold a Q & A (interview) with them in Obe. The Q&A will be held in Dutch, but if you want to come, please sign up here!

Life-sized projections Oldehove