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The 2018 x Education Work Symposium.

On Wednesday, 14 November, teachers, culture makers, artists and policy makers will meet in a greenhouse under the Oldenhove for an exciting symposium. It is being organised as part of Re-Opening, the closing month of the Cultural Capital Year. We will be looking at how we can build on the themes from LF2018.

Some fantastic projects, such as Meartaligens, mienskip, and lânskip, saw the light of day all over the province this year with themes that are close to the hearts of all Frisians. We want to maintain the momentum of the ideas and energy we have unleashed for educative purposes, but still have to find out the best way to go about this.

To find some answers together, we are organising a symposium on 14 November 2018 under the title ‘2018 x Education’. During the afternoon and evening, you will have an opportunity to meet other schools, and the artists and inspirers behind LF2018. Together, we will study how we can maintain the momentum we have built up going in the future, and how it can be exploited in practice in the classroom and with pupils.

Passionate speech
Corporate anthropologist, Jitske Kramer, will kick things off with a passionate speech about passing on motivation. How do we keep each other moving, and how do we achieve decisiveness? Kramer, who founded HumanDimensions, is a speaker, entrepreneur, and facilitator. She is the author of ‘Normaal is anders’ [Normal is different] ‘Deep Democracy – de wijsheid van de minderheid’ [Deep Democracy – the wisdom of the minority], ‘Wow. Wat een verschil’ [Wow. What a difference] and co-author of ‘The Corporate Tribe’ (management book of the year 2016). Jitske Kramer travels around the world looking for ways to build strong tribes and strengthen mutual relationships. She teaches using lectures and masterclasses, improving the resilience and results of individuals and groups (and making the world a little bit nicer).

Nine routes
After the opening, everybody will go their own way, since the unique concept of this work symposium is that we don’t work in separate workshops; instead, there are nine routes to explore a subject in more depth as a group with a moderator. How does this topic relate to the experiences of the past year? How do I make it practical? The main themes are: talent development (two routes), working across curriculums (two routes), ownership (two routes), & multilingualism and language enjoyment (two routes).

There is a challenging route for policy makers and school boards on policy and inclusion, with a master class by Jitske Kramer on deep democracy and inclusiveness.

Practical info
When: 15:30 to 20:00, Wed 14 November (including dinner)
For whom: teachers, directors, artists, officials
Cost: free
Registration: kultuerfilter.nl

Education – Primary and secondary