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Theatre show: ROEPUMA (4+).

Language is amazing, but not for everyone. People with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) often don’t experience language as much fun. Children with Developmental Language Disorder have difficulty in talking, learning to speak and understanding language. In 2018, special shows will be hosted for children with and without Developmental Language Disorder!

Two children’s shows suitable for children with and without DLD will be held in the Mem Language Pavilion in the Prinsentuin on 23 and 26 September.

On Wednesday, 26 September, ZieZus Eigenzinnig Theater will present the theatrical show, ‘ROEPUMA’. This is an interactive musical show; light and full of humour and perfectly suited for primary school children. Two shows will be held: one at 14:00 and one at 15:30 hours. Duration: 45 minutes. Free entry!

When language is no fun