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Projection #2: Weagen/Waves/Wellen.

Projection #2: “Weagen / Waves / Wellen”
Fom 12 April to 22 July
By: Filmmaker/musician René Duursma, writer/poet Rodaan Al Galidi and animator Antonia Rehnen.

This video artwork has music at its core as the most important languages, music as a gateway to images, scents and memories. At the centre is the confrontation of the Frisian poem and voice of Tsjêbbe Hettinga with the Arabic poems and voice of Rodaan al Galidi. Next to that, Dutch, German and Englisch voices come together in waves. Multi-instrumentalist René Duursma, cello player Sebastiaan Wiering (both are part of the band Kinetophone) and singer Élénie Wagner have transformed the poems into music, which they played live at the premiere. The poems as well as the music recall memories. To strenghten this, footage from the Frisian Film Archive has been used within the animation of Antionia Rehnen.


Foto: Marc de fotograaf

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