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Projection #1: Foarlopich lân / Voorlopig land.

Projection #1: “Foarlopich lân / Voorlopig land”
From 1 February to 8 April
By poet Tsead Bruinja, singer Herman van Veen and video artist Jules van Hulst.

Video artwork ‘Foarlopich lân / Voorlopig land’ is an occasional collaboration, especially for Lân fan taal. Poet Tsead Bruinja wrote the text and singer / comedian Herman van Veen composed electronic music. Artist Jules van Hulst in turn made images to this music. Herman van Veens reaction to the images: “impressive, bizarre clear, fits like a hand”. Bruinja has included the text he wrote for ‘Foarlopich lân’ in his new, bilingual bundle, which he presented 2 February after the premiere.

Translations text of video works
Translation of video work #1 – Provisional Country

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