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Poetry Slam #11 on Obe.

It is time for a new Poetry Slam! Poets gather up your words and sentences, and battle in a competition for the title of best poetry slammer! We have THE BEST location ever for a hot summer day: at the heart of language, on the rooftop of OBE! This means the Oldehove will be watching too 😉

For the poetry lovers, who would like to see the talent Leeuwarden has got: we welcome you to the crowd. Let yourself be overwhelmed, swept away, inspired, and above all: prepare for a night full of entertainment while the sun sets behind the Oldehove in the background.

BE AWARE: we have limited space, so reserve a place by sending us a message, and we’ll put you on the list!

For the poets who would like to join on this awesome evening: Don’t be shy if you’ve never done it before. This is the place to start, we have seen it before with a lot of poets. Hell, it could even lead you to join the national competitions! Challenge, accepted? 😉 Send us a message if you would like to join.

One last thing: Of course, we are aware we’re still living in Holland, so if the weather is typically Dutch, we’ll have the slam inside!

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