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Language Garden Festival.

On Friday 13 April the second towering projection on the Oldehove will premiere: ‘Weagen / Waves / Wellen’. The perfect occasion for a weekend long ‘Talentuinfestival’ (Language Garden Festival), starting on Friday afternoon at 4 pm. Free entrance!

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The Relaxerette

Climb into a hammock, put your headphones on and listen to stories and sounds that will stop your world while you float. Choose the swirling vocabulary of Marc van der Holst, the melancholy of Marieke Lucas Rijneveld or one of the stories written by Jamila Faber, Heksenhamer or Pieter van der Sman. Also nice: the soundscape of Jolle Roelofs. Presented and produced by Arjan Kruidhof, Lân fan taal and Explore the North.

The band The Avonden describes itself as The Gerard Reve Song Book. During the projection premiere there is a live soundtrack by Kinetophone and singer Élénie Wagner. The afterparty on Friday is in Obe. Jamila Faber / Bisoe brings Dutch-language electronic music. Skeve Hindoe provides sizzling Balkan beats!

Meeuw Young Writers (14-18 years) go into battle during a Poetry Slam (under direction of national champion Daniël Vis) and let their drama texts be heard. Geart Tigchelaar, Sigrid Kingma and the Scottish poet Rachel Plummer talk about their exchange during poetry festival StAnza. How do you translate a Frisian poem into Scottish and vice versa? Workshop (in the afternoon) and ‘showcase’ (in the evening). Arjan Hut makes (after an Iraqi and a Flemish artist) a city portrait of Leeuwarden. Preview of his story, with music by Wiebe Kaspers!

In ‘Michel, actor loses the words’ we follow Michel van Dousselaere, in whom progressive aphasia was discovered in 2014. Introduction by aphasia expert Roelie Sijbinga (UMCG). ‘Memories wrapped in paper planes’ is a short film (10 min.) by Antonia Rehnen with soundtrack of Kinetophone. Both films are shown on De Bald’r. ‘De Fluisterlijn’ (whisper line) shows 90 Leeuwarders in close-up; a prelude to 8ste Dag on 8 July ’18. From Saturday onwards to be seen as a video installation in the public toilets of Obe.

Theatre maker Tjerk Ridder walked a pilgrimage from Paris to Utrecht with his donkey. It leads to the (interactive) performance ‘Bonne Route!’ which premieres at Noorderzon. At the Talentuinfestival there will be a try-out, with songs by the Icelandic musician Kristian Martinsson.

Fryske Akademie and Afûk launch the Frisian MOOC, an online Frisian course. Iris Kroes takes care of the music at the happening. In Leeuwarden Historical Centre, the deaf author Henk Betten gives a lecture about the equally deaf painter Eelke Jelles Eelkema (1788-1839), with help of an interpreter.


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