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Mini Festival.

5 October is the day of the premiere of the ultimate projection on the Oldehove! To celebrate this event, Lân fan taal and Explore the North are going to guide you through the productions we made this year, as well as those planned for the future. You will see exciting new and ‘unfinished’ work, as well as the Leeuwarden premiere of successful productions such as ‘Solo’ from Het Noord Nederlands Orkest, Lân fan taal and Explore the North.

The evening of Friday, 5 October will revolve around the premiere of the fourth video projection on the Oldehove. There will also be a great afterparty with DJ and live music in Obe. In the Doopsgezinde Kerk (Mennonite Church) and Obe in the afternoon and evening of Saturday, 6 October, we will be looking back on a year full of brand new productions and stories from Lân fan taal and Explore the North: what was actually made? And what productions are currently in full development? Language and multilingualism, in all possible forms, are again central themes in this edition of the Mini Festival.


Projection #4: 1954 – We zijn er bijna (1954 – We’re almost there)
On Friday, 5 October, the fourth video projection of Lân fan taal will premiere on the Oldehove. The multilingual audio-visual production, titled ‘1954 – We zijn er bijna’, is a collaboration between music and word collective: VANTA, new media collective: WERC, and rapper: Fresku. The projection can be seen at 20:00 every Thursday to Sunday until the end of 2018. The makers will only perform live on the premiere evening!
20:00, Fri 5 October (Oldehove)

VANTA live
This trio with Caribbean roots consisting of Vernon Chatlein (composer/percussionist), Amber Nijman (singer) and Juan-Carlos Goilo (spoken word artist/theatre maker), blends rhythm, sound and words into a whole new sound.
20:45, Fri 5 October (Obe) – including Poetry Circle interview and performance
14:00, Sat 6 October (Obe)

DJ Alex Figueira
Alex Figueira will be spinning some of the rare records he has carefully collected across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The result: groovy and original DJ sets. Figueira, who also owns his own record label (Music With Soul) and a record store in Amsterdam (Vintage Voudou Records), proves there’s a whole lot more to dance music than just computer-generated beats!
21:45, Fri 5 October (Obe)

Meindert Talma: Je denkt dat het komt (solo)
A compelling audio-visual journey that immerses you in a sung and spoken (film) narrative about the first, formative breakthrough years (1997-2001) of a somewhat oddball, northern outsider-musician and writer.
13:30, Sat 6 October (Mennonite Church)

Nyk de Vries: Tongen (Tongues)
When writer/narrator Nyk de Vries visits a church in Malawi, he suddenly hears himself speaking in tongues, chattering a strange mishmash of Frisian and other languages. ‘Tongen’ (Tongues) is a literary recital about the power of homesickness, which blends stories, music and film.
15:00, Sat 6 October (Mennonite Church)

Work in progress
If you want to find out what theatre makers are up to, be among the first to enjoy this brand spanking new ‘work in progress’! Meeuw Jonge Schrijvers (Meeuw Young Writers) will present a draft theatre script of their own making. Bart Breman and René Duursma (Kinetophone) will give you a preview of the music theatre performance ‘De Ballade van Omie Wise’ (The Ballad of Omie Wise).
15:30, Sat 6 October (Obe): The Ballade by Omie Wise
20:30, Sat 6 October (Obe): Meeuw Jonge Schrijvers

Metamorphosis in poetry
The Frisian poets Geart Tigchelaar, Syds Wiersma, Janneke Spoelstra, Gerrit de Vries and Grytsje Schaaf give form to transformation with lectures.
16:30, Sat 6 October (Mennonite Church)

NNO: Solo
‘Solo’ presents the personal stories of individual musicians from Het Noord Nederlands Orkest. After a summer touring various festivals, the project will be on show in Leeuwarden for the first time.
16:45 and 19:00, Sat 6 October (Obe)

Other Words
Two Frisians have been travelling abroad for the literary exchange project, Other Words/Oare Wurden, every year since 2016. Karen Bies will be speaking about her residency in the Irish city of Belmullet at the Mini Festival.
19:15, Sat 6 October (Mennonite Church)

Paul van Dijk: Famke fan snie
Along with his musical friends, the poet and musician Paul van Dijk takes us to a place enveloped in rainbows and daydreams. He is searching for his ‘famke fan snie’, the daughter he lost shortly after birth. This intimate performance is a fascinating meeting of poems and music.
20:45, Sat 6 October (Mennonite Church)

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