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Lân fan taal. Frijsteat foar alle talen. Vrijstaat voor alle talen. A free state for all languages. Freistaat aller Sprachen.

Lân fan taal on European stage

During an international conference this week in Soraga (Italy), Lân fan taal was presented as an exemplary project of LF2018. The Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) organized the conference.

Liet XXL

Liet, a festival that includes a Frisian-language, musical talent contest, was founded in 1991. In 2002, Liet became international and offered a podium to bands in all lesser-known European languages from such regions as Lapland, Brittany and Asturias. And in 2018, Liet will become XXL!

Multilingual announcement birth OBE

OBE is the final name for the new building on the Oldehoofsterkerkhof in Leeuwarden. Bouwbedrijf Lont is responsible for the construction of the language experience center. Deputy Sietske Poepjes announced this today at the Oldehove, during a multilingual kickoff of Lân fan taal.

Story of Liwwadden (Leeuwarden)

In Leeuwarden, the city dialect, Liwwadders, is spoken in addition to Frisian and many other languages. It’s also the name of an exhibition and many other activities concerning the identity of the Leeuwarden community and inhabitants – past, present and future.

Rules visible in campaign & language translated to images

On April 19, 2017 the contractor of the new building on the Oldehoofsterkerkhof will be anounced. From now on you can encounter Lân fan taal. Our “rules” turn up in and on the buildings of Lft-partners, on billboards and in newspaper Leeuwarder Courant.

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Yiddish Waves

There are at least 5,000 Jewish books in Leeuwarden. Some were previously housed on the shelves of – yes indeed – the University of Franeker. The rest were donated by Professor Fuks after WWII. They are a rich source of inspiration for the Yiddish Waves festival.

Stay up to date

New website Lân fan taal

Welcome to this (new) website, welcome to the free state Lân fan taal! Here everyone is welcome, regardless of origin and language. In the course of 2017 and especially in 2018 many activities will take place in Lân fan taal (in Leeuwarden and the rest of Friesland). On this website you will get an impression.

The Language Caravan

In 2018, the Language Caravan will travel through Friesland. This will ensure Lân fan taal is able to connect with existing festivals and events, and enhance then them with a rich, linguistic (musical) programme!

Play with language

Love of language – middle years of primary education

Why does language exist? What can you do with it? The Lân fan Taal educational programme is based on the necessity of language. And, don’t forget: the love of language. For the middle years of primary education, there are programmes with forgotten words, stories and games.

8th day

In Leeuwarden, a gigantic “Goldberg machine” that has never been seen before will be constructed: an energetic chain reaction of installations and human actions. It will wind through the city in a figure-of-eight shaped route. And you can actively contribute, either as a resident or visitor!

Language is everything, and everything is language

Life-sized projections Oldehove

The Oldehove was too skewed and too unfinished to be a status symbol for Leeuwarden. However, for Lân van taal, the tower – often the subject of story and song – is in fact a perfect, stubborn icon. It’s also the ideal background for four video artworks created by various, unexpected combinations of (language) artists!

Love of language – later years of primary education

Why does language exist? What can you do with it? The Lân fan taal educational programme is based on the necessity of language. And, don’t forget: the love of language. Children in the later years of primary education can expect a multilingual musical and more!

Leave a language trail of your own

Expedition Ameland

As a visitor to the international multi-day storytelling festival “Expedition Ameland – A Storytelling Adventure”, you will embark on a journey of discovery. With the 1818 diary of whaler, Hidde Dirks Kat, as a source of inspiration, you will discover various cultures and languages based on his stories.

Love of language – early years of primary education

Why does language exist? What can you do with it? The Lân fan taal educational programme is based on the necessity of language. And, don’t forget: the love of language. For the early years of primary education, there are programmes with dance, reading aloud and games.

Let language live

Art Installation by Tim Etchells

The British artist, Tim Etchells, has created a new, space-filling work for the new Lân fan Taal building at the Oldehoofsterkerkhof. The ingredients: neon letters, ringing telephones and personal messages!

Treasure trove of the Frisian culture

“The place to be” for anyone interested in culture and literature is Tresoar: the modern repository of Frisian history. In 2018, you can get to know the rich Frisian culture from a European perspective – from medieval texts in the vault to LED projections and a historical travel agency!

Express yourself

Explore the North

Ground frost, dew on empty washing lines, frost on the window. Winter strikes hard in the historic heart of Leeuwarden. Time for a festival that warms you from the inside!

Friezen om utens (Frisians from outside)

What is the language of the heart of Frisians who have – sometimes long ago – emigrated abroad? You can discover it on local TV, on screens in Lân fan taal and of course online. 

Language makes us human

DNA Leeuwarden

What would you put in a test tube if that was the way you wanted to tell your story? A lock of hair, a twig, a poem? Since 2016, thousands residents of Leeuwarden have filled a test tube. Together these will soon form the artwork DNALWD2018.

Frisian MOOC

Would you like to improve your Frisian? You can do so in an easily accessible and simple way with a comprehensive online course. The Fryske MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is for everyone, wherever you live in the world, whether you’re Frisian, a tourist, a “root-seeker” or a language student!

Language gives meaning

Poetry Circle 058

15 young writers have been getting together every week in the six Poetry Circle towns, and, since 2016, Leeuwarden has been included in this group of cities. They learn from each other and experience “Spoken Word” performers. You can see them perform regularly, or perhaps you would like to take part yourself?

Visitor centre Lân fan taal

A brand new building forms the entrance to Lân fan taal: OBE. You will be welcomed here as a new “resident” and you can immediately (and playfully) get to work with language. Experience the art installation by Tim Etchells and find out what else there is to do!

Really try to understand each other

Language Pavilion

Where can you experience many languages in 2018 and enjoy activities and food from many different language communities? In the specially-designed language pavilion in the Prinsentuin, which is as homely inside as its appearance suggests!

Conference on multilingualism

A conference as a multi-course language menu that linguists and those interested in languages can happily sink their teeth into: that sounds great! A different topic will be discussed every day. The more courses, or days, the more layers!

Read between the lines

Other Words – Oare Wurden

What an exciting idea: being “posted” as a writer to another European country for eight weeks to work, blog and act in a small/lesser-known language. This has been taking place as part of “Other Words” since 2016. In 2018, you can spot international writers “in the wild” in Leeuwarden.

Frisian St Matthew Passion

Composer and lyricist Peter Sijbenga has been commissioned by the Noord Nederlands Orkest (NNO) to create a Frisian version of the St Matthew Passion, the famous oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach. German can be translated very well into Frisian, owing to its flexibility.

Language Garden

In 2018, the Prinsentuin in Leeuwarden will be transformed into the Language Garden, full of adventures for children from 0 to 12 years, their older brothers/sisters and their parents/grandparents. Playground features, interactive installations, exciting routes: there’s plenty to do for families and school classes!

Stimmen fan Fryslân (Voices of Friesland)

Would like to hear how various languages sound? And different varieties of Frisian? An extensive app lets you discover this and learn a lot about languages. It’s indispensable for language enthusiasts, language experts and teachers!

Youth performance for schools

In 2018, Tryater will perform a piece specially made for Lân fan taal to be shown to pupils in the 7th and 8th grades of Frisian primary schools. The source of inspiration? The 100-year-old sound poem “Karawane” by the Dadaist Hugo Ball, with nonsense words such as “hollaka hollala”.

Language billboards by children

From the end of 2017, billboards written and designed by children will appear in Leeuwarden. They are the result of “Taal yn Byld”, a project by NHL University of Applied Sciences and eight primary schools. Children of various nationalities design the billboards in their own language. They also delve into (other) languages ​​in their local […]